Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees for therapy, evaluations and Parent Management Training?

Please contact me by email or phone to schedule a free initial phone consultation. I will be glad to discuss my fees with you during this consultation.

Do you accept insurance payments?

While I do not participate in insurance provider panels, most insurance plans provide coverage for out-of-network mental health services. Patients pay for my services directly, and I provide statements that you may use to file claims. I encourage you to remain informed about your insurance coverage; some insurance plans require pre-approval for neuropsychological evaluations and other services. Questions I recommend you ask your provider include:

  • Does my policy cover mental health services?
  • Do I have out-of-network coverage?
  • What is the reimbursement rate per session?
  • How many sessions per year are allowed under my plan?
  • Do I need pre-approval for therapy or for testing services?

What will happen during the initial in-person consultation?

If you are a parent, we will have an initial one-hour consultation to discuss your child's current problems, strengths and interests. I will also gather information about your child's developmental history, health, family background and education. Children typically do not attend this first meeting. At the end of this session, I will discuss options with you, which may include recommendations for therapy, parenting sessions, or testing to gain an in-depth understanding of your child's strengths and difficulties.

If you are an adult seeking therapy, we will meet for an initial one-hour consultation to discuss your concerns, reasons for seeking therapy and goals. You will also have ample time to ask me questions, learn more about therapy and to talk over treatment options, should you choose to continue.

Is psychotherapy confidential?

Psychologists are bound by legal and ethical standards to uphold your confidentiality. There are rare exceptions in which the law requires psychologists to breach confidentiality. These exceptions to confidentiality include: if you are in danger of harming yourself or another person, if you are unable to care for yourself, if there is suspected elder, dependent adult, or child abuse or neglect, or if I am court ordered to release information.

What is evidence-based treatment?

Scientific research has helped us to learn which of the many approaches to psychological treatment are likely to be effective for particular problems. Evidence-based treatment is backed by sound and systematic research supporting its effectiveness. I believe in continuously learning about the best available evidence to improve the quality of the therapy I provide. At the same time, I believe that a trusting and warm relationship between therapist and patient is just as important as adhering to best practices in psychotherapy.

Schedule an Appointment

Please call (914) 523-7626 to schedule a free phone consultation. You can also email me at Enable JavaScript to view protected content. or use the contact form.

If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.